Centrul de Drept Constituțional și Instituţii Politice (CDCIP)

Gheorghe IANCU – Legal status and statelessness

This paper presents the international regulations in the field of stateless persons and the legal status of such people and gives them a throughout analysis, against the background which makes that Romania did not ratify any of these legal instruments and the legal Romanian doctrine never paid attention to them. Despite this, the Romanian legislation is harmonized with these international regulations, even more so since many of the internal normative acts have been adopted or revised sometimes after the coming into force of some of the international documents, and the legal practice in our country is in full accordance with the requirements included in the international regulations.

After terminological precisions regarding the concepts of stateless person and the stateless status, there is a detailed presentation of the Convention regarding the status of stateless persons and the Convention on reducing the cases of stateless persons, as well as the rights and duties of stateless persons. Finally, a debate is provoked in the possible reciprocal implications between the status of stateless persons and the double nationality.